A once-a-century ‘Black Swan’ arrives

Cougar Global CIO Abe Sheikh, FSA MAAA, looks at critical issues like the supply and demand shock from COVID-19, and explains his portfolios’ defensive positioning.

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Coronavirus and the markets

“Fear is a great thing if you’re a long-term investor,” says Abe Sheikh, FSA MAAA, CIO of Cougar Global Investments, discussing the coronavirus on BNN Bloomberg. However, even a pandemic can present opportunities.

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A Time to Be Risk Aware

In our 2020 outlook, we explain why investors may need to adjust expectations from the outsized returns of the past decade and what may be ahead in politics, trade and Middle East tensions. Read Cougar Global’s outlook and those of other partner affiliates of Carillon Tower Advisers in Partner Perspectives: 2020 Outlook.

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Risk Aware and Downside Focused

The case for adopting an approach that is both flexible and downside focused — one that can help weather possible high volatility on the horizon.

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A Focus on Managing Risk

Learn how Cougar Global Investments uses a dynamic global macro-oriented asset allocation process to manage downside risk.

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Tariffs and Trade: Don’t Panic

What you need to know.

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